Friends: 10 Strange Things About The Show That Can’t Be Forgotten

Even though Friends is a well-known show, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have mistakes, slip-ups, and other things from time to time. Keeping this in mind, these things on the show are so strange and out of the ordinary that even the most devoted fans can’t ignore them no matter how hard they try.

Ross tells outright lies about the people he’s slept with before the show.

Rachel started a successful career with few or no credentials.

Everyone can understand why Rachel wants to leave her wealthy family and try to make it on her own, but it’s hard to believe that she succeeds in doing so in the way she does.

Joey seems very stupid for someone who likes to pick up women.

People usually think of a ladies’ man as having a smooth tongue and being able to think quickly under pressure. These things are hard to picture in Joey’s character and how he acts.

Rachel and Phoebe were pretty mean about Monica going out with Chandler.

If two people in the same group of friends start dating, the other friends should be happy about it, but Phoebe and Rachel’s reactions show that this is not the case.

It’s alarming that Ursula is sleeping with Phoebe’s boyfriend.

Even though it might be fun to think about Ursula sleeping with Phoebe’s high school boyfriend while pretending to be her twin sister, this has terrible consequences.

No one else sits on the Central Perk couch, which is weird.

The couch at Central Perk is one of the most famous pieces of furniture in one of the most famous fictional coffee shops ever. It’s also a very appealing seat in a shop that should be full all the time, but the group always gets a seat here.

Monica’s claim that she is allergic to cats looks pretty suspicious.

It’s not clear who would win a fight between Ross and Chandler.

When it comes to a fight between Ross and Chandler, the group can’t decide who will win.

Even though Ross says he hates ice cream, he eats it with Elizabeth.

It was a waste of time for Joey and Rachel to date.

When Joey and Rachel decided to get together, it was extraordinary because they didn’t have any chemistry.

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