Friends: 8 TV Crossovers That Would Have Been Awesome, According To Reddit

Crossovers on TV, which happen when characters, relationships, or plotlines from two different shows come together, were very popular in the 1990s. At that time, most primetime shows worked together at least once, and the famous sitcom Friends was no exception.

Even though there were a lot of crossovers on Friends when it was at its best, people on Reddit think the show missed out on a few good ones. People may remember the famous Friends and Mad About You crossover episode, which explained why Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay on Friends and a waitress on Mad About You, was on both shows simultaneously (via Showbiz Cheat Sheet). The crossover said that the waitress was Phoebe’s twin sister Ursula Buffay.


Redditors are sure that a crossover between Friends and Seinfeld would have been iconic. The idea has been discussed in several Reddit threads. This makes a lot of sense since both sitcoms were set in New York City and were very popular.

How I Met Your Mother

A mashup of Friends and How I Met Your Mother is another crossover that never happened but has been the subject of many upvotes and threads. Redditors quickly point out similarities between the characters on each show, like Phoebe and Marshall’s love for the environment or Joey and Barney’s flirty personalities, and a lot of Friends and How I Met Your Mother fan fiction couples.

Gilmore Girls

People on Reddit had strong decisions about this made-up Gilmore Girls crossover. In theory, both shows took place on the east coast, and some characters were similar. LZARDKING says that Chandler Bing and Lorelai Gilmore have a lot in common. He says that they were both raised by rich jerks and then rebelled.

Will & Grace is a TV show.

In 2018, David Schwimmer appeared as a character similar to Ross Geller in several episodes of the reboot of Will & Grace. This was sort of like a crossover with Friends. But people on Reddit wish that the two popular sitcoms had an actual crossover episode.

Star Wars

This one is a little more out there than the others. Still, it started the Friends/Star Wars conversation when TigerKlaw posted a meme of Ross and Chandler at Central Perk with Baby Yoda Photoshopped in the background and asked Redditors who would take care of Baby Yoda in a crossover situation.

Two and Half Men

This one would be hard to figure out because Two and a Half Men is supposed to take place in Malibu, California, on the other side of the country. The Harper brothers were a lot older than the Friends character and lived a very different life. But there are enough similarities that a crossover might work.

Sex in the City

Sex and the City is another way that Friends and Sex and the City could have crossed over independently. Both shows took place in New York around the same time, and both were about young professionals trying to figure out life, friendships, and dating.


Reddit user KingOfQueens1977 has made a complicated crossover between Friends and The Sopranos. The crossover starts at the Bada Bing, a strip club from a mobster sitcom that doesn’t exist. The Reddit user tells us, “Joey heard about The Bing and wants Chandler and Ross to go there with him. When the girls hear about it, they also want to go. For different reasons, none of them ever leave New Jersey.” Also, Chandler’s last name is Bing, which could be related to the Bada Bing, so there’s a story here.

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