Gilmore Girls Characters & Their Friends Counterparts

Even though Gilmore Girls and Friends have utterly different premises and storylines, some characters are similar in both shows. They have the same morals, values, and ways of looking at the world. For example, Paris Geller is a go-getter like Monica Geller, and Rachel is bold, spontaneous, and free-spirited as Lorelai Gilmore.

Frank Buffay Jr. = Kirk Gleason.

Kirk Gleason was as awkward and weird as Frank Buffay Jr., who he played on Friends. You can say the same things about him and Frank Buffay Jr., like that they are both exciting and funny.

Dr. Leonard Green = Taylor Doose

Like his Friends character, Taylor Doose is a person who stands out. He’s the loudest, bossiest, and most outgoing man, and Dr. Green is just like him in these ways.

Sookie St. James = Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe Buffay is an excellent choice to play Gilmore Girls’ Sookie St. James. They are exciting and charming women who like to spread happiness and good vibes. They love what they do, even when working odd hours or with complex people.

Lane Kim = Mike Hannigan

Lane Kim, who is Rory’s best friend and the real hero of Gilmore Girls because she is a rock and roll drummer, has found her perfect match in Friends’ Mike Hannigan. Both characters played instruments, for starters. Lane’s mother, Mrs. Kim, gets angry because of her love of drums and the truth about her band and life. In the same way, Hannigan quit his job as an attorney to become a pianist, which was his dream.

Paris Geller = Monica Geller

Paris and Monica have the same last name and a lot in common, making them great matches. Both Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls and Rachel Green from Friends know how vital discipline, hard work, and commitment are. As shown on Gilmore Girls, the first was the most dedicated student throughout her school years.

Rachel Green = Lorelai Gilmore

Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls thinks that Rachel Green from Friends is like her. Both women had rough times when they were young adults, but in their 30s, they found more stability and success.

Luke Danes = Chandler Bing

Danes’ sarcasm wasn’t as funny as Chandler’s, but fans loved his dry humor and some of Luke’s funniest lines. For the rest of their life, he was a hard-working, self-made man who stayed loyal to his family or the woman of his dreams, Lorelai.

Judy Geller is like Emily Gilmore.

Not surprisingly, the Gilmore matriarch and the Geller matriarch from Friends are perfect matches. Emily is organized and likes to plan, just like Judy. She also has a good eye for detail. Both of the women are very good at what they do.

Richard Gilmore = Jack Geller

Richard Gilmore, the head of the Gilmore family, was one of the best men in the show. He was known for his kindness, grace, and ease. He was proud to lead his family.

Logan Huntzberger = Pete Becker

Logan Huntzberger’s drive to be an entrepreneur makes him the perfect match for Pete Becker. Even though Logan got his money from his family and Pete started his business in his dad’s garage, both men worked hard and loved what they did. They knew how vital privilege was and what it cost to keep their influential roles.

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