Jennifer Aniston Honored Her Dad John Aniston At Daytime Emmys Award, And It was Beautiful!

Jennifer Aniston couldn’t have been more proud of her dad, John Aniston, at that moment. Jennifer Aniston was very proud of her 88-year-old dad, John Aniston. At the 49th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday, June 24. He was given the special award for his 37-year role as Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives. And Jennifer Aniston said he deserved it.

Jennifer Aniston’s – Speech About Dad John Aniston

At the ceremony, John’s Days of Our Lives co-star Suzanne Rogers talked about the award before a video of Jennifer played. In the video message she made for the awards show, the 53-year-old actress from The Murder Mystery said that honoring her father, best known for his role on Days of Our Lives, was an “extraordinary moment.”

Jennifer said, “It’s a chance to not only pay tribute to a true icon of daytime television but also honor the career of a great and well-respected actor.” “Who happens to be my dad as well.”

Aniston, 53, said, “This is an exceptional time for me.” “It’s a chance to not only pay tribute to a true icon of daytime television but also honor the career of a great and well-respected actor, who also happens to be my dad.”

Jennifer went on to say, “John Aniston has worked steadily in TV for more than 50 years,” and then she listed her father’s long list of credits. The actress said that her father worked on all of these projects at the same time that he was in every kind of soap opera you can think of. I’m sure he’s been on everything.”

In 2002, Jennifer Aniston’s show also won an Emmy.

John Aniston isn’t the only member of his family to win an Emmy Award. His daughter Jennifer Aniston won an Emmy in 2002 for her role as Rachel Green on the NBC Must-See TV sitcom, which she played for ten years.

John told people what he liked about his daughter’s acting long before “Friends” became a big hit. John told E! News in 1990, “Jennifer is a natural.” She always knows when something is funny. That’s her best quality.” “In this business, there are some things you can learn and some you can’t.

It was a big deal for the Aniston’s father and daughter. The father and daughter, whose relationship has been rocky at times, had a sweet moment when they showed how much they liked each other on stage.

Even though John couldn’t be there in person, the crowd gave him massive applause for his famous career. Even though John wasn’t there that night, his Days of Our Lives co-star Suzanne Rogers took the award and said some words on his behalf.

“Being recognized is a huge honor and accomplishment,” she said. “John will always be thankful.”

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