How I Met Your Mother: 10 Worst Characters that Appeared on The Show

In How I Met Your Mother, ten others were there to be the worst for every character that people liked.

10. Darren

Darren was a minor character who only showed up for a short time in Season 9. His personality, on the other hand, was horrible. Before the rest of the group, Darren knew Tracy because he had taken over her band and started kicking her out before they met. Darren’s fans hated him because of this, but Darren then went around the group and tried to break them up by being sneaky and underhanded.

9. Micky Aldrin

Lily’s dad was Mickey Aldrin, and the first thing people thought of him left a lot to be desired. Lily didn’t have the best childhood because her father was too busy gambling or coming up with crazy board game ideas to pay much attention to her.

8. Hammond

Hammond Druthers, played by Bryan Cranston, first showed up on How I Met Your Mother in Season 2 as Ted’s annoying boss. Bosses aren’t to be liked, but they do have to be able to boost morale and do a decent job. Druthers failed at both.

7. Stuart

Stuart was married to Claudia, and Ted, Marshall, and Lily had been his friends for a long time. He and Claudia always fought, and it seemed like they didn’t like each other. He had a problem with drinking, and in the ninth season, one of the episodes was about how he stole Ted’s wedding gift for Lily and Marshall.

6. The Sandy Rivers

Sandy Rivers was played by Alexis Denisof, who is married to Alyson Hannigan in real life. He was funny and annoying at the same time. He was a total womanizer, and there were times when he was more creepy than funny. When he and Robin worked together for the second time, even she couldn’t hide her disgust, so Robin married Barney.

5. Zoey Pierson

During Season 6, Ted was primarily interested in Zoey. Zoey was an activist who loved to stand up for what she thought was right. This made her fight with Ted, which was a shame. Throughout their relationship, the couple tried to work out their differences. However, Zoey went too far, especially when she bugged Ted when he was trying to be excellent.

4. Clint

Clint was the worst person ever. Everyone found him very annoying, and when he talked about his sex life, he was way too explicit. Even Marshall, the most patient member of the group, left Clint on the side of the road because he couldn’t take it any longer.

3. Stella Zinman

At first, Stella looked like the perfect person for Ted, who was looking for love. They almost broke up in the season 3 finale, and Ted had to move to New Jersey. Stella is mainly talked about because she walked out on Ted at the altar and her husband made a movie about it.

2. Jeanette Peterson

Ted’s last girlfriend until he met his mother was Jeanette, and she was the most self-centered and annoying person ever. Their first meeting wasn’t cute because Jeanette stalked Ted in person and online to make herself look better. The writers were tasteless when they made their relationship look like a joke about domestic violence.

1. Ted Mosby

Even though Ted was often kind, brave, and easy to get along with, there were many more times when he was the exact opposite. Even though Ted was the main character in How I Met Your Mother, he turned out to be a very hard-to-like person.

He always complained about being single and how he wanted to find “The One,” but he treated women like things and broke up with his girlfriends for silly reasons. Ted was also so full of himself that people wondered how he could have any friends.

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