The Big Bang Theory: Kaley Cuoco looks hotter than ever.

There’s nobody better than seeing your favorite stars all dolled up, like The Big Bang Theory beauty Kaley Cuoco, who makes a picture-perfect photo subject, especially when she dresses to the nines in her favorite outfit: sexy pantsuits! John Russo, a celebrity and fashion photographer, took this hot new picture of her getting dressed. Ewwfeed gathered this beautiful collection of modern portraits of Kaley Cuoco, including photos that have never been seen before.

Kaley Cuoco looks stunning in every one of these photos.


All that glitters

Kaley Cuoco goes for glamorous gold.

Sheer delight

A fitted suit + a sparkly sheer top = fabulous!

Blush crush

What’s not to love about this chic look?

Haute and heavenly.

She’s divine in this Dolce & Gabbana number.

Mirror, mirror

Kaley is magnetic in this provocative portrait.

Pretty pantsuit

Velvet has never looked sexier.

Model behavior

​​When she isn’t playing Penny, Kaley Cuoco looks like this.

All eyes are on Kaley.

Can this Big Bang beauty get any more gorgeous?


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